Peace Schwag

Yesterday, I finally decided it was time to put some pro-peace stickers on my car. It just became overwhelming, the seemingly unending stream of red-white-blue encrusted cretin-sleds (my term for SUVs) patriotically polluting their way down the roads.

But lo and behold, pro-peace stickers are amazingly hard to find. Of course, it makes sense; no sane retailer is going to sell something as subversive as, oh, a peace sticker, lest all the super-patriots decide to take their money to more freedom-loving businesses. You basically need to go to Berkeley to buy something that mentions, horror of horrors...peace.

Sure, you can order all sorts of peace stuff on the internet, but some of those people could be... commies.... or liberals... or Democrats! Oh the horror.

So like any American patriot, I rolled up my freedom-lovin' sleeves and made my own. As usual, I retain the copyright to these designs, but they are free for anyone to use, copy, distribute for non-profit-making purposes. Below are very large jpegs of each graphic (~300 dpi) that can be cut or resized to make your own signs/stickers/shirts. For the graphic arts-challenged, I also set up stores at CafePress.Com where you can order bumper stickers, mugs, and shirts. I have priced them at the cost (i.e. I don't make any money).

This first one is a response to the "United We Stand" blather. Great, you're united and you're standing. Congratulations. Can you chew gum at the same time? And more importantly what do you stand for? And please don't tell me its democracy, especially when you're screaming about how I should shut up and go along with the program. Personally, I know what I stand for and it is larger than a single country or a piece of cloth flapping from your car antenna.

Here is one in a bumper sticker shape.
And one in a vertical 8"x10" configuration that looks good on a shirt or sign.

This one is basically the same but a little less, um, un-manly for those a bit more reserved.

Here is one in a bumper sticker shape.
And one in a vertical 8"x10" configuration that looks good on a shirt or sign.

I feel that to successfully promote peace, one must avoid confrontation and strive for positive discourse, so this next one is much more negative than I'd like to be, but honestly, I've been pretty pissed off this week about this so-called war and, specifically, about so-called patriotic Americans baying like a pack of mad hyenas, cheering and hooting like its a football game being held for their vicarious entertainment instead of the most unfortunate of tragedies, with real human beings killing, dying, and suffering, on both sides and on neither side. So I am plenty pissed off this week and this is my way of venting. There, I feel better now.

Here is one in a bumper sticker shape.
And one in a vertical 8"x10" configuration that looks good on a shirt or sign.

An additional note to the mouth-breathers: I don't want to hear about how I am just "anti-Bush". Of course, I am anti-Bush. Duh! But I am not anti-war merely because I am anti-Bush, as if I were as mindlessly partisan as many nimrod-Americans, but I am anti-Bush because I am pro-peace (and thus anti-war). Causation. Figure it out. So yes, I am anti-Bush. How could I oppose this war and be otherwise? That would be akin to being anti-Holocaust but pro-Hitler, anti-Cultural Revolution but pro-Mao, or anti-Anfal but pro-Saddam*. Anti-Bush? Yep.

* It seems the US administration and intelligence community was very pro-Saddam when he was carrying out al Anfal against the PUK, KDP, and Kurdish civilians, but don't let that stop us from crying about the liberation of the poor Iraqi people now.

The stores
United We Live
United We Love
World [peace] [salute] Bush
If there are any other items which you'd like these designs on, just let me know and I will add them.

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